Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is one of the most colorful and dynamic cities I have visited. The hospitality of the country is second to few; people are lovely, genuine and welcoming; food is amazingly fresh and flavorful and the foot massages are out of this world. I have raved about Bangkok to friends and family for so many years that my mom, who has to take a Tylenol PM to get on an airplane, is going to be my ISHC guest because she wants to experience it for herself.
--Elizabeth Randall Winkle, ISHC, Chief Strategy Officer, STR

Bangkok is truly a magical place and an overload for the senses. A perfect blend of organized chaos offering the broadest imaginable range of sights, sounds and smells (ah…the food!).  The Thai people are unfailingly friendly and hospitable. No wonder the country remains among the Top 10 most visited in the world. Bangkok has lots to offer but also acts as a central jumping off point to other Thai attractions such as floating markets, temples  and the Bridge over the River Kwai. Other Thai destinations such as Chang Mai and Ko Samui are easily reached..and Bangkok offers easy access to Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore.
--Lyle Hall, ISHC, Managing Director, HLT Advisory Inc.

Bangkok is my favorite international destination out of all my travels. The people are warm & friendly. The hospitality is like no other country I have been to and raises the bar for the picky hospitality industry veteran. It is easy for me to get around the city and interact with locals which is important since I do not speak another language. The foot massages must be experienced!
--Amanda Hite, ISHC, President & CEO, STR

My first trip to Bangkok was almost 15 years ago and it seems like just yesterday. Thailand certainty lives up to its Land of Smiles moniker. Bangkok has so much to offer to today's visitors; from the ancient temples, international cuisine and modern transportation one tends to run out of time before running out of things to do! I was extremely excited to hear about the opportunity to head to Bangkok once again and look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s conference. 'Veni. Vidi, Et elephanto.' I came. I saw. I rode an elephant.
--Mike Cummings, ISHC, Managing Director, Horwath HTL

Bangkok is one of the most engaging cities in the world, even at its frenetic pace the city manages to captivate you withits culture, food, people, and history. Yet Bangkok is only half the story. To experience the real Thailand you need to get out of the city and visit one of the country's spectacular beaches or head up into the mountains where small rural villages can still be found.
--Chris Cylke, ISHC, COO, REVPAR International Inc.

I have been to Bangkok a couple of times. Once as a tourist and once on business.
Must sees include:
  • Reclining Buddha
  • Chatuchak Market (weekends)
One of the best days I spent was a Sunday. We went to the market and wandered for hours. We then got on a public transit boat on the river and followed when lots of tourists got off. Got to see the reclining Buddha and a bunch of great temples.

--Jeff Dover, ISHC, Principal, fsSTRATEGY Inc.