2020 ISHC Annual Conference
October 15-17, 2020 ~ Chicago

Prepare for the Winds of Change

Welcome to the annual conference website for ISHC members, candidates, Friends of Society sponsors, guest speakers, media partners and guests of ISHC. 

For general questions about ISHC please visit our main site at ishc.com or contact: Andrea Belfanti, ISHC Executive Director (+1 678-973-2242) or Lauren Marshall, ISHC Director of Membership & Marketing (+1 678-735-9453).

2020 Conference Schedule

The following outline of conference activity is intended to help you plan your travel accordingly.

Thursday, October 15
Morning - Board of Directors & Committee Chair Meeting
Mid/Late Morning - Membership Meeting (ISHC members only)
Afternoon - Conference Opening and General Sessions 
Evening - Welcome Reception

Friday, October 16
Morning - General Session
Afternoon – General Sessions or Open afternoon
Evening - Celebration Gala

Saturday, October 17
Morning - General Session
Afternoon & Evening - Optional Tour/Dinner

Sunday, October 18

Conference Planning Committee

Program development is underway with your ISHC Conference Planning Committee.

Darlene Henke, Committee Co-Chair
Roger Hill, Committee Co-Chair
Roger Allen
Bruce Baltin
Deborah Friedland
Lyle Hall
Rob Hunden
Sandra Kellman
Ted Mandigo
Steven Marx
David Neff
Ken Pahkim
Andy Robins
Tea Ros
Ken Taylor
Mary Winslow