2021 ISHC Annual Conference
October 7-9, 2021 ~ The Gwen Hotel Chicago

Welcome to the annual conference website for ISHC members, candidates, Friends of Society sponsors, guest speakers, media partners and guests of ISHC. 

For general questions about ISHC please visit ishc.com or contact: Andrea Belfanti, ISHC Executive Director (+1 678-973-2242) or Lauren Marshall, ISHC Director of Membership & Marketing (+1 678-735-9453).

Conference Schedule

Tentatively we are planning the following schedule:

Thursday, October 7
Morning - Board of Directors & Committee Chair Meeting
Midday - Membership Meeting (ISHC members only)
Afternoon - Conference Opening & General Session
Evening - Welcome Reception

Friday, October 8
Morning & Afternoon - General Session
Evening - Celebration Dinner

Saturday, October 9
Morning - General Session
Afternoon/Evening - Optional Event

Sunday, October 10

Conference Planning Committee

Roger Hill, Committee Co-Chair
Peter Russell, Committee Co-Chair
Samantha Ahuja
Adam Docks
Deborah Friedland
Robin Hunden
Laurel Keller
James Lehouiller
Ted Mandigo
Ken Taylor
Carter Wilson